‘JOKER’ (2019) Final Trailer Thoughts

Joker is an upcoming 2019 comic book crime drama from Warner Brothers telling a brand new, never before seen origin story of the famed DC supervillain. It is directed by Todd Phillips, known for the Hangover comedy series, and stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, the man who will eventually become the titular clown. The film is slated for release on October 4th. Well today, we got our second and final trailer for the film, and, although Arthur states in the trailer that he, “only has negative thoughts,” I’ve only got positive ones about this trailer.

The trailer begins with Arthur sitting on the bus making a child laugh. He is playing peek-a-boo with his hands and the child giggles. However, the mother quickly turns around and tells him to knock it off. The reason I’ve focused in on this scene is because I feel it will be indicative of this entire film. Arthur just wants to make people laugh, but nobody understands or sympathizes with him, so he slowly goes mad. This idea is presented throughout the trailer, once again when Robert Deniro’s character humiliates Arthur on live television. Arthur will be a product of his environment, which is a very interesting approach to The Joker as a character, and is almost representative of our current society. Nevertheless, that is my speculation on how this film will turn out. It looks like a brilliant character piece about the slow deterioration and loss of innocence for Arthur’s character. 

joker half facw

Let’s talk about some of the goodies in this trailer for DC comics and specifically Joker fans. First off, Joaquin’s laugh is INCREDIBLE. He has fully tapped into what The Joker is. He sounds so crazy and unpredictable, yet somehow in control of everything. He is afraid of nothing, yet everyone is afraid of him. And of course, the money shot of this trailer is the last scene when he asks the talk show host to introduce him as Joker. I believe that scene will take place at the start of the third act and will completely break down the door for the chaos that will ensue.

joker poster.jpg
The new poster released for Joker

The job of a final trailer is to give the audience just enough new and great footage. Well, I think we can all agree that they have succeeded. The movie looks dark, menacing, and too good to pass up. Is it too early to start the Joaquin Phoenix Oscar buzz? Maybe so, but I am over the moon about this trailer and this movie. Bring on the clowns, Warner Brothers. We’re ready.

What did you think of the final trailer for Joker? Are you going to see it opening weekend? 

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