Marvel Television’s ‘New Warriors’ Series Reportedly Dead

The Geeks WorldWide exclusively reported earlier today that Marvel Television’s New Warriors series failed to find a network distributor following FreeForm’s departure from the project. FreeForm originally ordered a pilot of the series, which was expected to be a superhero sitcom. Following the filming of the pilot, which “high-level executives were said to have loved,” FreeForm stepped away from the project.

Marvel Television began shopping the series around at different networks, including Disney+ and Hulu. Unfortunately, the project was not picked up by an outlet, forcing the studio to shelve the project. Jeph Loeb and Kevin Biegel’s latest project was set to star Milana Vanytrub, Jeremy Tandy, Matthew Moy, Kate Comer and others.

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Source: GWW

Written By: Zach Smith (@omega_fist)