‘Silicon Valley’ S06E02 Review – “Blood Money”

Be careful of who you work with. In the second episode of Silicon Valley‘s final season, Richard Hendricks attempts to get rid of his company’s developer, only to run into more trouble, digging a deeper hole in the process.

In this article, we review this episode of the series titled “Blood Money.”

As a warning, there may be spoilers, so watch the episode now or read at your own risk.


Richard drunkenly makes a deal with a foreign businessman to give 10% of Pied Piper away for $1Billion. The situation becomes so risky that even his chief financial officer Monica Hall can’t offer any good options out of this.

The episode tones down on the comedic one-liners and shows us what happens when we make agreements we can’t come out of. Background checks need to be made while others aren’t so necessary, maybe for the sake of an entire country. Bertram Gilfoyle is assigned five coders to work under him but shows he is better off alone.

Jared resigns from the company to work under a smaller individual, and this is probably for the best. The character teaches us that when someone is treated or perceived as an “encumbrance,” they’re bound to snap.

Overall, we’re getting somewhere with this episode, although the most important lesson to take away is that “money perverts everything,” and we explicitly see this when Dinesh communicates into the company developer’s video game. Gavin is slowly losing his company Hooli while Richard is coerced into giving away shares to a foreign slave-trader. Nothing is going well for anybody and soon, everybody will suffer. Anything can happen in the business world, but you have to consider the choices you make.


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