‘Silicon Valley’ S06E04 Review – “Maximizing Alphaness”

The Pied Piper team members find themselves out of place with Hooli employees joining the company. This fourth episode of Silicon Valley‘s final season is directed by Liza Johnson and written by Daisy Gardner. In this article, we review this week’s episode titled “Maximizing Alphaness.”

If you haven’t caught up with the show do so now because there will be spoilers.


Coping with new work adjustments is difficult. In this episode, Richard Hendricks hires his former boss, Bertram Gilfoyle deals with Hooli employee John, and Monica Hall faces a challenge in supporting her fellow women.

Richard learns how to assert dominance as a leader, but doesn’t realize that help may be required to get the job done properly. All great leaders must not be humiliated by those employed under them.

Meanwhile, Jared finds out about his biological family and it’s something he might have regretted. Elsewhere, Gavin Belson self-publishes a book titled Cold Ice Cream and Hot Kisses that isn’t about tech because “tech[nology] destroys worlds.”

The overall lesson here is that the life of a business is a chess game, and we each have to make the right moves in order to win. We have to realize where our true place is our someone will take it for us. Most of our primary characters realize this, and now they’ve dealt with the truth.


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