Review of Season 1 Episode 2 of “The Mandalorian” *SPOILERS*

The second episode of The Mandalorian, titled Chapter 2: The Child, was released on November 15, two days after its pilot episode. This episode is written by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and directed by Rick Famuyiwa (Dope).

There will be spoilers for episode one in this article so continue at your own caution! However, if you have seen episode one and haven’t read our review of that episode, the link is here.

The episode continues where the first left off and opens on the Mandalorian, baby Yoda in follow, and they get ambushed by a few mercenaries but he swiftly takes them down and they arrive near his ship. They observe his ship getting stripped for parts by the infamous Jawas. The Mandalorian decides to disintegrate a few of them which both angers and scares them so they run.

After a brief chase and failure to get his parts back, the Mandalorian turns to Kuiil to help get them back. They end up negotiating with the Jawas and decide that they will trade the Mandalorian his ship parts if he retrieves what they call, The Egg.

The Mandalorian, along with baby Yoda, arrive at a cave and the Mandalorian walks in but gets thrown out and a huge rhino-looking creature charges out of the cave towards him. After a brief but unsuccessful fight, it seems the Mandalorian is welcoming death in a way and gets to his knees and pulls out his knife as the beast charges towards him but baby Yoda intervenes.

This episode is telling the viewers that it may seem as though baby Yoda is more than he seems at first glance. After watching the Mandalorian nearly die and seemingly welcome death, baby Yoda uses The Force on the one-horned beast to help the Mandalorian set up a killing blow and after it is defeated the Mando retrieves The Egg.

Once they trade The Egg for the parts, the Mando and Kuiil repair his ship overnight and the Mandalorian asks to give Kuiil a part of his reward but he declines and when asked to be a part of his crew he declines again and is happy the Mandalorian has brought some sort of peace to his land. As the sun rises, Kuiil watches as the Mandalorian activates his ship and flies off into space to deliver the target to his client.

This second episode, while still awesome to watch, seemed like it could have been added onto the first episode but nonetheless it was still an interesting watch. The show in some ways seems very video game like in that the Mandalorian is getting tasks to do that would fit a video game and would give the player experience points and gear but regardless I am still interested to see how this plays out the rest of the season.

This episode was paced well and was enjoyable to watch despite a roughly thirty-minute run time. As the show progresses, viewers can really get a sense of who the Mandalorian is the further you watch and he reveals more every episode. So far, Jon Favreau’s writing does not disappoint and he can tell a great story while mixing in small elements and is continuing to keep viewers entertained with this series. This episode continued to deliver on amazing long shots as the Mandalorian walks throughout the world and the sets are greatly built and they really bring out a Star Wars movie feel when watching. Stay tuned for our review of episode three, which drops later today, Friday, November 22.

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