Review of Season 1 Episode 3 of “The Mandalorian” *SPOILERS*

The third episode of The Mandalorian, titled Chapter 3: The Sin, was released yesterday, November 22, a week after the second episode. This episode was written by Jon Favreau (Iron Man 2) and directed by Deborah Chow (The High Cost of Living).

Chow is the first female director to helm a Star Wars film or TV show. She will also be directing the entire Obi-Wan series that releases on Disney+ sometime in 2020 or 2021.

These episodes are releasing on a week to week basis, usually every Friday. However, because The Rise of Skywalker releases on December 20, that weekly episode is releasing on December 18 and the season finale is releasing on December 27 so mark your calendars!

There will be minor spoilers from episode one and episode two so turn away if you haven’t seen either episode!

I love that these episodes, so far, are picking up directly where the last left off. The episode opens with the Mando arriving back on the planet seen from episode one and after delivering baby Yoda to the Client and collecting his payment of Beskar steel, Mando questions him about the plans for the child but that gets him nowhere. As they pulled baby Yoda into a private room it seemed as if he could sense, using The Force obviously, that where the Mando delivered him is the worst possible place for him. This makes sense as the Mandalorian’s client is from the Empire and he has started to care for the child in his own way.

This episode gives you a little more insight into the Mandalorian’s past. After receiving his payment from the Client, he brings the Beskar to his blacksmith to fashion him a new set of armor and during that scene there are glimpses of flashbacks of him and his parents running through a war zone. Eventually they find a small basement and set him there to protect him and the doors fly open and a Super Battle Droid points its blaster at a young Mandalorian and the scene suddenly cuts to the present. In an interview from earlier this month, Pedro Pascal revealed his character’s name to be Dyn Jarren and in this episode, through flashbacks, it seems like Jarren is the son of perished parents from during the Empire’s siege of his home planet.

After a brief journey back through the building where he delivered baby Yoda, the Mando saves him from whatever plans the Empire fiends had planned from him. Once he leaves the building all of the tracking fobs from the other bounty hunters starts to light up and Greef Karga realizes the Mando went back to protect the child.

Upon his walk back to his ship, he gets cornered by all the bounty hunters, including Greef. They give the classic, if you let the child go with us, we’ll let you live excuse but once he realizes the child is only truly safe with him, the Mando stands and fights. When he realizes he may be dead in the next few minutes, he stokes baby Yoda’s face and while looking at the adorable adolescent, he once again basically welcomes death as the bounty hunters close in on him.

In typical fashion, help arrives for the Mandalorian at the last possible second. All of his fellow Mandalorians come to his aid and help him fight off the remianing bounty hunters. He knows now that they will have to relocate where they hide but a different Mandalorian tells him “This is The Way,” and Dyn repeats it back. This phrase was used prior to this scene in the episode and it seems like this saying means that is how things must be and I am really enjoying the expansion on the Mandalorian culture and lore in this episode and hope that they continue in future episodes.

Once he has escaped to his ship, he confronts Greef on his ship and after a diversion shoots him in the chest, seemingly killing him. Once the Mando has left planet and hyperjumped to his next destination, the camera pans back on planet and reveals he shot Greef in his chest where he had some Beskar in his pocket and he actually lived. This helps tell viewers Karga isn’t done with the Mandalorian.

I am really loving this series. It is all around a great show. The set pieces are amazing. The small attention to detail in the show is great and the costume design is amazing. Pedro Pascal shines as Dyn Jarren and every episode he peals back further on who the Mandalorian really is beneath that amazingly built Beskar armor.

The Mandalorian‘s fourth episode releases on Disney+ next Friday, November 29, so stay right here for our review of that episode when it drops!

What are your thoughts on The Mandalorian so far? Are you enjoying the series and where they are taking the story? How about the small things like costume design and set pieces? Let us know in the comments and stay right here for more film and TV reviews!