‘Silicon Valley’ S06E05 Review – “Tethics”

The funny thing about ethics is something unethical had to have happened. This fifth episode of Silicon Valley‘s final season is directed by Pete Chatmon (Grown-ish, Black-ish) and written by Lew Morton (Futurama). In this article, we review this week’s episode titled “Tethics.”

If you haven’t caught up with the show do so now because there will be spoilers.


Pied Piper leader Richard Hendricks finds himself in a tough predicament when former Hooli boss Gavin Belson presents Silicon Valley with a code of conduct for tech companies to not screw over their customers. Hendricks finds a solution to avoid this from happening but digs himself an even deeper hole. He has no other choice but to cooperate with Russ Hanneman to prevent people from signing this “Tethics” agreement.

Meanwhile, Bertram Gilfoyle and Monica Hall find that their employees do not like them too much and have given their bosses low scores on peer reviews. Instead of taking the time to establish amicable relationships, they hack into their co-workers’ work accounts and give themselves highly approved assessment rates.

This episode of Silicon Valley, like that of Rick and Morty, focuses on plagiarism and the act of stealing from others. Belson plagiarizes his code of conduct from multiple companies’ mission statements. He publicly admits this, then takes Pied Piper down with him when an investigation is being conducted. Gilfoyle and Hall steal private information from their co-workers that they used to find possible passwords.

When it comes down to it, we must learn about confidence. That is, the confidence to do the right thing in the eyes of others as well as the confidence to appear as likable. In the end, we have to do more than just say “sorry” because Belson says in this episode, “Apologies are cheap, aren’t they?”


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