Mahershala Ali Set to Star in MCU’s Blade

This just in! Mahershala Ali will be taking on the role of Blade in the MCU! The original Blade was released in 1998, starring Wesley Snipes as the original badass Blade, the day-walking, half-human/half-vampire. There were two sequels, Blade 2 (2002), directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and Blade Trinity (2004), co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Triple H, and some other animated/live action adaptations with other actors. … Continue reading Mahershala Ali Set to Star in MCU’s Blade

Bad Endings: Arrival

Think about the last movie you saw. What was your favorite part? Did it have a remarkable oh-my-god-my-brain ending? Or, was the ending disappointing, leaving you with a bittersweet taste in your mouth from a fantastic story that fell short? In this series, we’ll look at critically acclaimed movies with less than perfect endings that left audiences puzzled, asking themselves “Wait… but he… what?” I’ll … Continue reading Bad Endings: Arrival