‘Captain Marvel’ Spoiler Review!

Thanos doesn’t stand a chance. SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not seen the film yet, I recommend first reading our spoiler free review! Still here? Okay. Let’s get started. The MCU began in 2008 with the critically acclaimed film, Iron Man. At the end of that film, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of S.H.I.E.L.D, stressed to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) that the universe … Continue reading ‘Captain Marvel’ Spoiler Review!

It is Time to get Serious about Bryan Singer

In July of 2018, news broke that Disney had fired James Gunn. Upon discovering old tweets that were riddle with tasteless and disturbing ‘jokes’, Disney made the decision to fire James Gunn. It is obvious that Disney did not want to be associated with something of that nature. Disney released an official statement regarding Gunn’s firing. “The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are … Continue reading It is Time to get Serious about Bryan Singer

Avengers: Endgame – Trailer Breakdown

This morning, most fans woke up to the news that the official trailer for Marvel’s Avengers 4, now titled Avengers: Endgame, had been released. After watching it about ten times in the last few hours, I have many, many thoughts on the trailer, and even more questions than before. The trailer opens with a shot of Tony’s helmet, beaten and nearly destroyed. Tony turns it … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame – Trailer Breakdown

Why I Think Tony Stark is the Key to Saving The Universe in ‘Avengers 4’

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR AND POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS 4 One the best and worst things about waiting for the anticipated release of Avengers 4 is reading, and coming up with personal fan theories. So many fans on the internet are coming up with new and exciting possibilities for the upcoming film. Today, I’ve decided to share a personal theory that I have … Continue reading Why I Think Tony Stark is the Key to Saving The Universe in ‘Avengers 4’

‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Release Date Confirmed For Tomorrow

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of new footage, in the form of trailers, for March’s Captain Marvel and May’s Avengers 4. Coming off of two weeks of confusion from many different reports, it seems that fans are finally able to rest well knowing we could receive both trailers this week. Earlier today, Marvel Studios announced on Twitter that fans will be receiving a trailer during ESPN’s Monday Night Football … Continue reading ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Release Date Confirmed For Tomorrow

Update: “Hawkeye” Project

Earlier this week, news broke that Katherine Langford (Thirteen Reasons Why) was added to the cast of Avengers 4, and had already shot her scenes. Immediately, fans began to wonder who she could be playing, considering her age. Many fans, myself included, added that Kate Bishop was a sure-fire option. Earlier today, Jeremy Conrad from MCUCosmic reported that a Hawkeye film/series could be in development. He … Continue reading Update: “Hawkeye” Project