Marvel/Fox Movies Cancelled over Disney/Fox Deal

With Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox getting closer and closer to being official, it was only a matter before the marvel projects being developed at Fox got terminated. And know it has been officially announced that the majority of movie projects based on Marvel properties that were being developed at Fox are now cancelled. The projects include movies based on Gambit, Dr. Doom, Kitty … Continue reading Marvel/Fox Movies Cancelled over Disney/Fox Deal

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night.

Green Lantern. Sure, he is often one of the most overlooked characters in the Justice League and not a lot of people’s favorite superhero; but he is my favorite superhero and my favorite justice league character. A Lot of you don’t know the writers on Geek Motivation, but allow me to introduce myself and give you a little about me so you can have context … Continue reading In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night.

Thankful For Geek Culture

With the holiday season upon us, some of the writers at geek motivation shared what they are thankful for in geek culture! Here is what they had to say! Alicia Leon–I’m thankful for the geek community that is filled with people who are invested in the art of bringing great stories to life. I am thankful for the diversity in geek culture where maybe not … Continue reading Thankful For Geek Culture