Gotham 4×11 Review (A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Night)

Warning! SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM SEASON 1-4. This season on Gotham has focused on Jim Gordon against the Penguin for control of Gotham City. Penguin has been running things while Jim has tried to get power away from him. Sofia Falcone, daughter of Carmine Falcone has tried to help him. Bruce was going around town fighting as Batman. After killing Ra’s Al Ghul, Bruce has been … Continue reading Gotham 4×11 Review (A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Night)

Arrow 6×09 Review (Irreconcilable Differences)

Warning! Spoilers for Arrow season 1-6 and the crossover. Arrow season 6 has disappointed many fans. Oliver has tried to have a relationship with his son William, even quitting being the Green Arrow. John Diggle has been Green Arrow in his place despite nerve damage. Team Arrow is reeling from being under pressure on the field and from the police who are hunting them. Summary … Continue reading Arrow 6×09 Review (Irreconcilable Differences)

Supergirl 3×09 Review (Reign)

Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl season 1-3. Supergirl has had a solid beginning to its season. Kara has been different, felling less human and more like Supergirl. She has dealt with heartbreak with Mon-El, who is back but married. J’ohnn met up with his father and brought him to earth. Alex broke up with Maggie. Samantha became a Reign in the last episode. Summary The episode opens … Continue reading Supergirl 3×09 Review (Reign)

Supergirl 3×07 Review (Wake Up)

Supergirl has had a very solid season so far. Kara Danvers has been a changed hero who has dealt with tragedy. This season’s big bad hasn’t been much of a threat but more of a friend to Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. Summary The episode begins with people in a submarine discovering the underground spaceship from a previous episode. It fires at them. Samantha dips … Continue reading Supergirl 3×07 Review (Wake Up)

The Flash 4×06 Review (When Harry Met Harry)

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 1-4! The Flash season 4 has gotten back to the funny, happy tone of season 1. New characters have been introduced such as Ralph Dibny and the Thinker. Summary The episode opens up with Ralph and Barry being robbed. Ralph catches bullets and hits the robber several times. The Mechanic is talking to the Thinker about events will alert Team Flash of … Continue reading The Flash 4×06 Review (When Harry Met Harry)

Supergirl 3×06 Review (Midvale)

Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl season 3. Supergirl season 3 has gotten off to a solid start. The episodes have been solid, especially the Martian Manhunter episode. We’ve seen Kara go through a lot of change this year. In last week’s episode, Alex broke up with Maggie. Kara decided to take a few days off from work to help Alex with her breakup. Summary The episode … Continue reading Supergirl 3×06 Review (Midvale)