Tom Hardy To Help Co-Write Venom Sequel Script

While Andy Serkis was recently announced as the next Venom movie director, it seems that the movie sequel itself had already been in high gear on the development side. The movie will be written by Kelly Marcel, who also wrote the first film. What may be interesting is a quote that had come out recently in regard to the movie’s early script development. Recently, Serkis … Continue reading Tom Hardy To Help Co-Write Venom Sequel Script

Spoiler-Free Venom Review

The highly-anticipated blockbuster from Sony has finally hit theaters, and it comes with differing opinions. Venom, as the first film in Sony’s planned Venom-verse, had some strengths, but it’s flaws ultimately won the day. We’ll get the bad out of the way first. Venom‘s score, composed by Ludwig Goransson, fails the film incredibly. While the music is well-performed, there are sequences where it heavily takes over. … Continue reading Spoiler-Free Venom Review

GM Recommended Reading: Venomverse 

So what’s better than one Venom? How about an entire multiverse of Venoms! In the new series, Venomverse, that’s exactly what we get. (Spoilers) In Venomverse, our famous anti-hero Venom is teleported to strange new world. In this world everything is taken over by a new enemy called The Poisons. The Poisons are small alien creatures that take over the Klyntar (aka the symbiotes), but in the … Continue reading GM Recommended Reading: Venomverse