First look at Daredevil on the set of Defenders

With what seems to be a lack of costumed heroes in Marvels Netflix shows, Daredevil has managed to have three different suits in just two seasons of his own show. From his Frank Miller inspired black ninja suit, to the armored suit that can be compared to his 90’s get up, Matt Murdock is no stranger to switching up his styles.

Recently, two photos have come out showing Charlie Cox on the set of Marvels The Defenders in his full daredevil suit. Now there doesn’t seem to be many changes, if any, to the costume but that doesn’t mean that it’ll be the same from here on out. One can speculate that he will continue to alter his suit based on any battle damage that it takes, and maybe one day we’ll see the DD logo embroidered on his chest.

Defenders is set to release on August 18, of 2017.

Source: Getty images

written by: Luke Hungerford (@deadpoolsbutt)

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