Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Movie Review 

With this being the latest installment in the already underrated DC Animated Universe, fans wished for something big.  This movie is a sequel to 2016’s Justice League vs. Teen Titans and an adaptation of The Judas Contract comic book storyline.  In this film, the starting lineup for the Teen Titans consists of: Damian Wayne’s Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Starfire, Nightwing, and teams newest member, Terra.

My favorite aspect of this film was the amount of character growth and insight.  Viewers received a look into the issues of every Titan. We got a look into the insecurities and struggles that these heroes face, such as Blue Beetle’s isolation and Nightwing’s efforts to make his love life work out.  I feel that the characters are overall well-portrayed, but the movie did not express these great characters to their full extent.  For example, I missed the jabs and brotherly quarrels between Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson that I adored in past movies.  I also would like to add that the opening flashback scene was just wonderful, and it was little thing like that that made this movie good.

The main flaw of this movie was the runtime.  The time allotted for the film was just not enough to truly go into the depth of the issues the Titans faced or truly dive into the source material.  From what I know and have researched on the actual comic book storyline, this movie ditches some of the source material’s core plot moments.  Which led to the movie missing opportunities for underlying plot threads and plot twists that have made these animated films so great in the past.  There was also not as much time for the little one liners or even team building, making this movie lack some of the emotional features that others have had. In The way this movie ended wasn’t bad at all.  It was totally enjoyable, and as usual, Slade Wilson nailed the role of an antagonist.  I was able to see the characters grow and with well-animated fight scenes thrown in every now and then, but this movie was also a missed opportunity.  I could, and would, sit through this movie again.  However, much more could have been done with this storyline, which is why the end rating for this movie is a 2.5 out of 5.

(Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was directed by Sam Liu and wrote by Ernie Altbacker. Released straight to DVD on April 4, 2017) 

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