Gotham 3×17 Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle Review. 

This episode of Gotham was jam packed with storylines and characters. Every storyline got a good amount of screen time and once again the pacing of the episode was fantastic.

The main storyline of this episode is all about the Riddler and his plans to help Barbara find about the higher power above her, The Court of Owls. In last week’s episode, Jim was going to meet with the Court. He did so and they ask him to prove his loyalty to them by helping them in the future. Barbara asks Ed to find out about the Court and he decides to use this as a chance to make him known to Gotham. He goes to a theater and leaves a Riddler box for the cops to find after murdering an actor. The riddle talks about a corrupt politician, Mayor Aubrey James. He is hospitalized by high blood sugar and Nygma kidnaps him there. Jim gets Nygma to come to the GCPD and release Aubrey. Tabitha betrays Barbara and tells Jim how to disarm the bomb around Mayor James’ neck. Jim takes the Riddler to the Court and becomes an official member of the Court of Owls. Tabitha and Barbara have an argument.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Ivy look for some monsters. They go into the frigid mountains to find Mr. Victor Fries. They convince him to help them against Oswald’s enemies in exchange for resources to cure him of his conditions. They also give him back his suit. Then they visit a steel mill where they recruit Brigid aka Firefly. They then return to Oswald’s former living quarters to find a green question mark on Oswald’s portrait.

Meanwhile, fake Bruce is with Alfred and starts having a nosebleed. It’s revealed that he is dieing and he decides to visit Selina. He tries to get her to leave Gotham but she refuses and he pushes her out a window. She is lying on the ground surrounded by cats. 
This episode of Gotham was very good. The tag line “Heroes Rise” is starting to pick up with Bruce and Jim. Before they rise the villains, Barbara’s group and Penguin’s group are busy battling for Gotham. 
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