Alien: Resurrection Review

Alien: Resurrection was released in 1997, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and was the final installment in the original Alien saga. This film is awful.

The film takes place 200 years after Alien 3 and military scientists have cloned Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). They have enhanced her with the Xenomorphs and took out the alien queen that was inside of her to breed more aliens. Ripley now has acid for blood and has enhanced abilities. The movie just gets worse from there. The whole film takes place on the space vessel USM Auriga with Ripley and a group of pirates that delivered human specimens to be used for alien reproduction. When the Xenomorphs escape from their captivity the pirates all must find a way to get off the ship and keep the creatures from reaching earth.


Pretty much nothing in this movie works. The acting, characters, writing and story are all terrible. So many of the characters are cartoonish with no depth. You don’t care about any of the characters in the film and whether they survive except maybe Ripley. Winona Ryder is bland as Annalee Call and Ron Perlman is used as comic relief to just yell curse words as Johner. Even Ripley is so different and unmotivated than she once was.


There are a number of off-color jokes that don’t land or fit in with the film. The film attempts so many over-the-top gore filled scenes that add nothing to the film. The film never takes itself seriously. The Xenomorphs look awful in this film. They have lost the unique look the Xenomorph had in the original Alien and are just regular movie monsters that hold almost no importance. They honestly look and move like knockoffs of the velociraptors from Jurassic Park. They also roar like lions sometimes in the film and they never did that in a previous movie. The last fifteen minutes of the film are truly an abomination on the franchise. Featuring a Xenomorph with human traits called a Newborn, which just looks goofy and stupid.


The film never really feels like any of the previous installments. It feels more like a sequel to the Resident Evil franchise. This film wasn’t needed at all and has long been a stain on the Alien franchise.

Rating- 0/5

Written by: James Howey

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