Black Panther & The Crew Cancelled

After the first 2 issues came out and its launch last month, Marvel has decided to cancel Black Panther and the Crew.  It has been cancelled due to poor sales. It will only run for 6 issues, giving the story a chance to end and the mystery to be solved.

The story included and followed Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm and Misty Knight, who investigate a character named Erza Keith, a civil rights activist, who dies in police custody.  Police try to cover up Erza’s death and “the crew” have to keep a line between maintaining the peace and bringing justice to the bad guys.

This comic was meant as a revival of Christopher Priest’s 2003 version of The Crew, which followed a different crew of black superheroes around. Which also was cancelled and ended after 7 issues.

Even though the writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates never intended for the story to be about real world problems, it was to be a chance to get to know more about these characters. The thing that probably brought this comic down was not the diversity or writing but was the lack of promotion. If we saw more promotion for this comic I’m sure people would enjoy it because of diversity, good writing, and seeing a big comic book franchise like Marvel writing about real world problems. If there was more support from Marvel I’m sure this story would have thrived.

What do you think about the cancellation of this comic book?

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