Glimmer of Gold and Emerald: A Possible Aquaman Costume For The Solo Film Bubbles To The Surface

Just recently, a crystal-clear image of Amber Heard as Mera from Aquaman was released. We tweeted it, along with Deadpool’s reaction earlier today. Another visual treasure, though more cloudy, likely conceptual, was discovered of a costume belonging to Aquaman himself!


Although its authenticity is curious, the head the statue is holding up does bear a striking resemblance to Jason Momoa. The costume as well as the trident is pretty exact to that of the comics and departs from the quite different look we’re seeing in Justice League this fall. James Wan is surely building our anticipation visually, and that might say something about how true to the comics he’ll be making the character himself in his development.

Aquaman comes out December 21, 2018 starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, directed by James Wan

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