Gotham 3×21 Destiny Calling and 3×22 Heavydirtysoul 2 Part Finale Review!


Season 3 of Gotham has been a massive success and now it is culminating in an epic two part finale. In last week’s episode, Jim infected himself with the virus to escape death and attempt to stop a bomb that would spread the virus. He failed to do so and the virus has spread to many Gotham citizens. Fish is back and is working with Oswald.

The episode opens with a creepy, elderly lady who is affected with the virus. Jim is at the GCPD fighting off the virus and Bullock asks for his gun so that he won’t scare off cops. Lucious figures out that Hugo Strange made a cure. Hugo is at a train station and tries to escape the city, but he runs into Fish Mooney. She wants the virus and they try to escape. In a tunnel, they are confronted by Jim and Bullock. Mr. Freeze appears and freezes their guns. Jim jumps up and breaks a pipe, spraying water that Fries freezes, creating a wall of ice. Alfred is trying to get though to Bruce. Strange is being teased by Firefly and Mr. Freeze until Penguin decides to torture him with the device that Strange used on Oswald in season 2. Jim starts punching the wall of ice. Alvarez, a cop, is infected and causes a scene. Alfred tries to use his love for Bruce to save him and almost does, but he has to leave to stop Alvarez and in the meantime, Bruce escapes. Butch and Tabitha are planning to take down Barbara when they see Lee in the bar. They find out about her having the virus and she tells Tabitha that she will rip Barbara’s head off of her body. Strange brings Fish to the site where the cure is stashed.  Ninjas appear and they fight Freeze and Firefly. Jim and Bullock arrive, and Jim kills a bunch of the ninjas. He stabs and kills Fish who drops the cure. Strange is able to make more of the cure. Nygma and Barbara kidnap Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter. Bruce looks for the demon’s head as he escapes the GCPD. He opens a secret door and walks down to see ninjas who point him to a room with the Lazarus Pit in it. Ra’s Al Ghul appears and asks Bruce to kill  Alfred to finish his training. He stabs Alfred.


Bruce kills Alfred, but remembers who he is and uses the Lazurus Pit to save him. Jim is under control, but Lee calls and asks him to run away with her. Butch and Tabby are continuing to consider killing Barbara. Jim calls Nygma and he takes Tetch to a secret location. Jim is planning a trade: Oswald to Nygma for Tetch. Things go awry when Barbara appears with Tabby and Butch and start a shootout. Oswald hits Nygma and puts him inside the police car. Jim and Bullock grab Tetch while being chased by Tabitha and Barbara. Inside a warehouse, Jim kills Tetch, or at least I think so, and takes a jar of his blood to use for a cure. Selina visits Bruce in the hospital and they tell at each it. Nygma escapes from his cuffs and takes Penguin to the bay. Jim visits Lee but doesn’t use the cure on her and they go to leave. Bullock gets through to Jim and he cures himself and Lee. Barbara kills Butch. Nygma is about to kill Oswald, but the gun has no bullets and he is trapped by Penguin who had Fries freeze him. Barbara and Tabby fight in the safe house and Tabitha hits Barbara with a shocking experience. Selina arrives at the bar and Tabitha accepts her under her wing. She even uses the whip for the first time. Oswald creates his Iceburg Lounge with Frozen Riddler as the main attraction. Butch is revealed to be Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy from the comics. Tetch isn’t dead, somehow. Lee leaves Gotham and leaves Jim a nice note. A vigilante saves a family of three who are being robbed. That vigilante turns out to be… BRUCE. 

Well that was a hell of a finale! Every character had something to do, some more than others. Overall, it was a fantastic episode. Gotham will be moving to Thursday nights next season. Here is a recap of where every character is right now:

Bruce: Vigilante

Alfred: Recovering from being stabbed 

Jim: Back to Normal

Bullock: Recovering from being tossed around

Penguin: Building Iceburg Lounge

Barbara: Dead? Or Not?

Selina: Working for Tabitha

Riddler: Frozen in Ice

Fish: Dead again

Lee: Left Gotham

Tabitha: Leader of Gotham City Sirens

Butch: Dead but he is Solomon Grundy so not dead 

Tetch: not dead

Barnes: cured?

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy: helping Penguin

Firefly: probably helping Oswald

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