Arrow Season 6: How Is Everyone Affected By Season 5’s Cliffhanger?

Arrow Season 5 left off on a crazy cliffhanger. It is sure to have major effects for the show’s future.

WARNING SPOILERS for Arrow Season 5. 

So at the end of Arrow season 5 we saw Andrian Chase kill himself to blow up Lian Yu and Oliver’s friends. This leaves us with a Walking Dead type cliffhanger. Who is alive and who is dead?

Here is a list of everyone on the island at the time the bombs went off:

  • Diggle
  • Felicity 
  • Thea
  • Curtis
  • Rene
  • Dinah Drake 
  • Black Siren
  • Nyssa
  • Talia
  • Evelyn 
  • Deathstroke
  • Samantha Clayton aka Oliver’s son’s mother
  • Quentin Lance

Let’s start off with who is alive. Oliver and his son William are for sure alive. Three characters are also confirmed to be alive as they are going to be season regulars for next season. You can read more about that here.  Wild Dog aka Rene Ramirez, Dinah Drake aka Black Canary and Dinah Lance aka Black Siren. 

Who is dead? Well even though they won’t die by the bombs, Adrian Chase aka Prometheus, Malcolm Merlyn and Captian Boomerang all died during the episode. 

Next off, who is probably dead? Evelyn Sharp aka Artemis betrayed Team Arrow this season. During the finale, she was locked in a cage and probably died there. Samantha Clayton aka Oliver’s son’s mother may also die to set up a father-son story arc between Oliver and his son, William. Her death would force Oliver to take custody of his son who knows that he is the Green Arrow. Another likely character to die is Quentin Lance. While he has been a main staple in previous seasons, his death would set up a Black Siren redemption arc. She clearly cares for him and doesn’t want him to get hurt so his death would affect her. 

Who is likely to survive? Marc Guggenheim who is Arrow’s showrunner said that he would want to kill Thea. Even though Thea has had a minimal role this season, she is likely to survive. Felicity Smoak is also likely to live. After repairing her and Oliver’s romantic relationship, I’m sure we will see these two hook up in season 6. Also in episode 22 of The Flash she texts Cisco. That episode takes place on May 22, 2017 while Felicity was kidnapped and taken to the island directly around May 17. John Diggle is alive. He has to raise his son. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is alive. I doubt the writers would kill off such a beloved character. Slade also has a story arc, finding his son. Killing Slade would anger fans. 

Who is 50/50? Curtis Holt aka Mr. Terrific was a season regular last year. His T-Spheres are a useful device and after introducing them I don’t know if he would die. Having a member of Team Arrow die would certainly be shocking and Curtis is the most likely subject. Lastly, Nyssa and Talia Al Ghul are undecided. Killing Nyssa would be like killing Merlyn, a longtime character who appears every so often. Talia is a very minor character and killing her off just for the sake of doing it would have little affect. 

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