Fan Plot: The Flash Season 4 Episode 1


The Flash’s
third season ended on a huge cliffhanger. The cliffhanger is something that changed a lot for Team Flash. We decided to do a fan plot on what Season 4, Episode 1 might look like!
The intro is told from the perspective of Wally West. The episode opens up with Wally West in his yellow Kid Flash suit running in Central City. He stops a metahuman from burning down a building. He races back to Star Labs where Iris, Joe, Julian and Cisco congratulate Wally on completing his mission. Tracy is away from the team due to trauma from HR’s death. Harry has returned to Earth 2 with Jessie. Jay Garrick is back on Earth 3 after training Wally during the summer. It is revealed that the lightning storm gave people powers similar to the particle accelerator. Wally has been doing a great job taking down these metas. Joe goes to CCPD where he looks at a plaque dedicated to Barry Allen. Due to Barry’s disappearance, Iris and Joe told the CCPD that he died. Iris constantly looks at the newspaper on the time vault, but the headline has changed with no mention of The Flash. Cisco and Julian differ on what to do with Caitlin. They haven’t heard from or seen her since the season 3 finale. Cisco wants to leave her be, but Julian wants to find her. A new speedster shows up in a yellow suit, similar to the reverse flash but he has red goggles. His suit is entirely yellow with no black. He fights Wally and beats him. The new speedster is calling himself Zoom and he is just as fast as Wally. The team realizes it needs Tracy back and needs to move on from Barry. They convince Tracy to help them. She discovers where Zoom is hiding and Wally goes to face him. He and Zoom fight over Central City with Wally knocking Zoom out. Wally unmasks Zoom to reveal Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon. The team remarks at how ironic it was that Zoom was the same person on two earths. The episode would end with Barry in the speedforce learning new powers and managing something that we have yet to learn.

What other things would you like to see in the premiere?

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