The War Of Jokes And Riddles Part 1 Review

Today is the day Batman #25 hits the shelves, and boy, does it hit hard. Written by Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janin, The War of Jokes and Riddles is finally here.


The War starts out right after Batman’s first year patrolling the streets of Gotham, and will be told as a flashback event while Bruce tells the story to Catwoman. According to Bruce, he wants Selena to know and understand everything. From the looks of it, it feels like he even blames himself for the war.

It starts out with Ed Nygma, a.k.a. The Riddler, seemingly helping a detective find where the Joker is on a map of his latest attacks. Instead of truly helping though, Riddler follows through with his own plans and escapes custody to go confront Joker. That doesn’t end too well for Nygma.

Overall, the storytelling, the point of view, and the artistic style all are amazing. The way the pages flow together and how cohesive the story is, this truly is on its way to be the best story arc published of modern times, and definitely in DC Universe REBIRTH. We at Geek Motivation highly recommend picking up a copy of Batman #25 and follow the 8-part series as it comes out. You definitely will not want to miss it!


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