GM Recommended Reading: Deadpool’s Art Of War


Deadpool never ceases to find new ways of treating the Marvel Universe like his own sandbox, but this particular adventure has a very unique twist. This time, the merc with a mouth has created his own rendition of the famous strategy novel by Sun Tzu. 

Basic Plot
As Deadpool takes out another unsuspecting and unamused target, he discovers a book that intrigues him. The book is revealed to be The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Upon reading the book, Deadpool comes to the conclusion that he could write his own version with strategies on how to overcome a war amongst super-beings, but there’s one problem. There’s no war of that kind to apply these strategies to. Deadpool then decides to create a massive war across the universe. This war will make his published works relevant, which will bring him loads of money.


Scott Koblish’s artwork does a phenomenal job at organizing the action in this comic. The art behind all of these battles moves fluently with the simultaneous storytelling. Koblish also provides loads of visual humor in Deadpool’s different gags and outfits that mock some of the major characters. 


Peter David gives the readers a simplistic and funny story that stays true to the character of Deadpool. Throughout this four issue series, David uses plenty of Deadpool’s one-liners, fourth wall breaks, and innuendo filled humor that we all love while also providing an intriguing conflict that turns out to be pretty suspenseful. One of the best elements of David’s writing is his use of Deadpool’s narration. As the action moves along, Deadpool recites the wise and compelling strategies of war that he is writing in his book. Each passage weaves directly into every battle and perfectly summarizes the good and bad choices of large-scale warfare. Deadpool’s word choice and syntax throughout his narration illustrate a deep understanding of the original Art of War. Some of these passages have a clear resemblance to the original teachings of Sun Tzu. These parallels give a very relatable understanding of the original book for those who have not read it. 


Deadpool’s Art of War is a short and sweet comic that gives the audience loads of thrills and humor while also sharing some of the wisdoms behind Sun Tzu’s original book. 



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