Stephen Amell Confirms Manu Bennett For Arrow Season 6

This weekend, Nashville is hosting the Heroes and Villains Fan Festival. One of their featured guests on Day One was Arrow’s Stephen Amell.

During his panel, Amell stated that Manu Bennett is “back to being part of the show, and we will see him several times.” The tweet can be seen below:

Whether or not Manu Bennett will reprise his role as Deathstroke is still uncertain, however, it seems more than plausible due to the character’s status as a fan-favorite. Although, the nature of Bennett’s appearances on the show cannot be known for certain due to the finale of Season 5. Regardless, fans can look forward to see him appear multiple times on Arrow this season.

Arrow will return on the CW October 12, 2017.

Source: Heroes & Villains Fan Fest.

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