The Comic-Con Survival Guide

Today is the official first day of Comic Con 2017! To fully prepare you for the adventure waiting ahead, we have set up a guide to ensure your survival and enjoyment during this epic experience! (For the full pdf click here).

The Basics

The following are the basic steps to prepare you for your journey.


Make Your Schedule

If you haven’t planned out what panels you want see while attending, or if you’re still trying to organize your plans, follow the steps below in making a “My Schedule” account through the official Comic-Con website.

Once you make your account, you can easily organize your events and share them with your friends. You can also download the app or bookmark the mobile site on your phone.

block_3 Handy Things To Pack

I won’t tell you to bring the obvious (superhero underwear, socks, etc.) but I would like to provide you with a list of items that can easily be overlooked or forgotten. The importance of a small foldable chair, for instance, can often be taken for granted and the fan spray may seem a bit silly but it is a necessity for long lines under the blazing sun. In short, don’t underestimate your need for comfort and make sure you have everything you need before heading out!


Know Your Resources

On the digital platform you have two of the best sites for information: the Official Comic-Con website and the Unofficial Comic-Con Blog. You can also follow the sites on twitter and facebook.

For transportation, check out the Free 24 Hour Comic-Con Shuttle Service Schedule to know the stops and times of each shuttle. They have the air conditioning and comfy chairs you need to unwind after a long day! Other modes of transportation include the MTS Trolley Service, the Coaster Commuter Train, the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, and if you have your own car, you might want to purchase a parking permit (from ACE or ABM) for safe and reliable parking spots. For further details, check out the Comic-Con webpage on transportation.


Know The Area

There are many places to park, relax, eat, and shop near the convention center. To help you get what you need without wasting too much time or money, we have compiled a list of the popular places in downtown San Diego.

*Tip: During panels (especially the big ones like Hall H), you might stay in all day but not have enough food to last. If you don’t want to resort to eating the snacks served at the convention, call in your food for carry out. Many panels provide bathroom passes so you can go out, pick up your food and comeback without losing your seat!


Look Up Other Events

Contingency plans are a must! If you don’t get into the panel you wanted or you’re simply looking for something outside of the Convention Center, there are plenty of events for those with or without badges. If you want to take a break from comic books and superheroes, there are also plenty of San Diego attractions to visit!block_7

Be Safe!

Safety is everyone’s number one priority (at least it should be!) and familiarizing yourself with the Comic-Con policies will allow you to enjoy a harm-free time at the Convention Center. Check out the list below to make sure you know how to be safe!

block_8About Lines

It really wouldn’t be Comic-Con without the fun lines we all know and love! We also know how excited you are to wait in them, so we made a list of the Do’s and Don’ts that will help you (and everyone around you) actually enjoy these slow forms of torture great tests of endurance!block_9

About Lines: Hall H

The Hall H line has always been the mother of all lines at the Convention Center. However, Comic-Con staff and personnel have really tidied up their line management system for it. Now, we have what are called the Toucan Tracker wristbands! All the information you need to know about them can be found in their website and in the infographic below.block_10



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