Avengers: Infinity War Sets Thanos As Darth Vader For A New Generation

“Who would’ve thought Thanos was Tony Stark’s father?” -Homer Simpson (not really)

After 10 years, three phases, and 18 movies (including both upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther), Infinity War will be the culmination of the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe, as stated by Kevin Feige himself.  In this highly anticipated film, Marvel Studios will finally let the long-awaited villain Thanos have his much deserved screen time. The question that remains: How is Marvel going to make the Mad Titan iconic for fans and general audience to remember?


Co-director Joe Russo has spoken with Comicbook.com about how he hopes that Thanos’ ruthless, sadistic nature will help him be remembered as one of the greatest film villains of all time. He teased Thanos to be the “Darth Vader for a new generation.”

“The stakes are incredibly high. I wanted to turn Thanos into Darth Vader for a new generation. He’s an incredibly intense character. Sociopathic. He takes no prisoners. I think the audience needs to be prepared when they go see these movies.”

Marvel Studios has A LOT of pressure in order to make Thanos a memorable villain. This is due to how both fans and critics have criticized previous MCU villains for being lackluster (excluding fan favorite Loki, of course). But making the Mad Titan memorable and putting him at the same level as one of, if not, the greatest movie villain of all time are two different things. As to how they’re going to achieve this, there might be an answer.

Thanos_Infinity_Gauntlet.jpgAs written by Screenrant, this could be possible thanks to The Russo Brothers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for making Thanos as the main character in the film. Giving him a leading role can help spread his character development during the film and make a statement for those past criticisms of previous villains. Thanos is set to search for the Infinity Gems during the film, and confronting the Avengers in the process.

Actor Josh Brolin has also talked about how the character is set to be “emotional” during the film:

“He’s a smart character. I had no idea, in all truth, I had no idea when I did the [Guardians] teaser, we had like 36 cameras or something and I sat on a seat, and I wasn’t working with anybody. And now, like being actually involved, you know, interacting – I want to mention characters and I can’t, but of the characters that are in it, it’s way more emotional and way more interactive than I thought. So it’s actually a lot of fun, and a lot deeper, a lot more emotional than I thought.”

Avengers: Infinity War is set to be in theaters May 4th, 2018


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