Early The Defenders Reviews

Earlier this week, Marvel aired the first episode of the superhero collage series, The Defenders to a packed Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. Now, critics are releasing their reviews of the 8-episode series as the release date quickly approaches. Below, are a few of the reviews.

There’s just not enough of it to start, and it takes too long for them to team-up. If you thought Defenders would be a culminating chapter to the other Netflix Marvel series so far, think again. So far it feels like another prelude, and it makes one wonder if we’ll ever get to the main event.
– Collider

While the show starts as something of a slow burn, once the heroes come together, it more than lives up to the promise fans have been clamoring to see realized. It may not be the strongest Marvel Netflix series thus far (that would be a toss-up between Daredevil and Jessica Jones), but The Defenders splits the differences between its leads, creating something that even casual fans of these shows shouldn’t miss.
– NewsRains

“The Defenders” is the type of superhero streaming that we’ve come to expect from Netflix’s live-action Marvel productions. Well worth the wait, the new show is every bit the event that Marvel fans hoped it could be.
– The Washington Post

Although reviews seem to be mixed for the upcoming series, The Defenders still seems to be promising. Even the worst of the reviews still praises the series. How do you feel about the idea of the show? Let us know in the comments below. And if you were one of the lucky few who got to see the series premiere at SDCC, please, keep all comments spoiler-free for the rest of us! More reviews can be found on MCUExchange.


Source: MCUExchange


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