Marvel’s Shortest Movie Yet

Collider‘s Steve Weintraub was able to talk to the director of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi, shortly after he and the cast exited their panel. Weintraub enthusiastically asked Waititi how long the cut would be, he stated that:

“The cut right now, I reckon it’s about 100 minutes. It’s not gonna be a very, very long film. I think that stories are better when you leave them wanting more, and this film moves at a clip, it’s got stuff happening all the time. I think people are still gonna feel exhausted by the end, they’ve been on this big journey and stuff, so I don’t think we need the film to be three hours.”

This does come as a surprise, however, if they have done their writing well, then there should not be many things to worry about. There are times when movies need to be longer and other times they need to be shorter. Waititi does not want to leave the audience hanging with some moments so he later said,

“There will be a lot of deleted scenes. Great scenes. Funny, funny moments that—you can’t have it all. As I say you gotta kill those puppies, so we had to take some of those things out. Those scenes will exist so people will be able to see them.”

Phase three will be setting the record for Marvel movies as this movie will be their shortest and Avengers: Infinity War is said to be their longest movie yet!

Source: Collider


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