Arrow Season 6 Big Bad Is Grounded Crime Lord

It has been confirmed that the sixth season of Arrow will see a grounded crime lord Richard Dragon as its big bad.

Richard Dragon was confirmed at San Diego Comic Con, however more details were revealed in an interview between and showrunner Marc Guggenheim. In the interview, Guggenheim states,

“You know, what I really like about our interpretation of Richard is, he’s very grounded,” Guggenheim said. “He’s not a flamboyant big bad, he doesn’t wear a costume, he really is a crime lord sort of in the Tobias Church model. For Tobias we only really saw him for about five episodes, so we were excited about the prospect of doing a cool, gritty crime lord, but for a longer period of time. We’ve never really done that on the show before, so it’s different.”

The character first appeared in comics as a master of kung fu in the 1974 novel, Kung Fu Master, Richard Dragon: Dragon’s Fists. The character was then rebooted with the Green Arrow series in 2013 after the New 52 line of comics began. The new character identified as Ricardo Diaz Jr. Not only was he a master in martial arts, but he was also trained by the League of Assassins. He would lead a group called the Longbow Hunters against the Green Arrow.

Before the start of Arrow’s fifth season, fans were promised a return to the grounded tone of the show seen in the first two seasons. It would seem as though Arrow will continue with this promise going into its sixth season. Although a casting announcement has yet to be made for the character, fans of the show can look forward to another grounded villain this coming season.

Arrow will return to the CW on October 12, in its new time slot, which is Thursdays at 9PM PST.


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