Made of 100% Speedforce: The Flash’s New Suit In Season 4

Everyone remembers the first suit Barry Allen wore on The Flash, right? Was definitely a great one to start out with, but was a little distant from comic-book-accurate, especially with the red emblem. The costume has come a long way since then, changing every season: the second season finally receiving the white emblem, the third introducing a future version, but what’s in store for the fourth? To answer that question, we look to the newest set photos that have been extracted from the Speedforce (from above and below the waist):

New Suit.jpg

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Season 4 #TheFlash

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Thankfully, the suit is the most comic-book-accurate it’s ever been, with gold in all the necessary places like the wings, arms, belt, and legs. I must say, the designs are very intricate, especially on the torso, and are almost too intricate. It’s the reason I wasn’t a huge fan of the Future Flash suit we saw last season. Who knows? Maybe it’ll grow on me!

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