Riz Ahmed In Talks To Star In Venom Standalone Film

As Sony continues their work on Silver and Black and their Venom standalone films, more news slowly continues to surface. With Tom Hardy cast as the lead character Venom, not much else has been announced for the film. However, some news has surfaced in regards of who will star in the upcoming film.

None other than Riz Ahmed has been reported to be in talks to star in the Venom Standalone film. Variety reports that Ahmed is in talks to play a popular Spider-Man character, and while Sony has not made any further comments it definitely does not stop us from speculation. 

While it is said that the Sony films will play no part in the MCU, this makes ideas for which character Ahmed could be playing a little more confusing. An easy assumption could be that Ahmed will play Carnage, and while carnage is important to the character of Venom, it is hard to imagine Ahmed as a insane and brutal character. However it can be easy for an actor such as him to prove us wrong.

Another character Ahmed could possibly play is Morbius. Morbius would be interesting, yet it could be hard to see how he would play into a Venom film despite Ahmed being an excellent casting for this character. 

The venom film still has a ways to go in its development and I am sure that Sony is hard at work to make this film excellent. It will be interesting to see Riz Ahmed expand his acting resumé and possibly star as an iconic villain. Whatever character Ahmed may play, we can definitely trust him based off his more than exceptional performances in films such as Rogue One and Jason Bourne. 

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