Game of Thrones S07E06 Beyond the Wall Recap and Review

The last episode Eastwatch, didn’t really have action sequences, but it was a bit of a break so viewers could catch their breath, remember where the story’s going and get ready for the last episodes of the season. Beyond the Wall was perhaps one of the most awaited episodes and it was filled with action.


A brief recap of what happened:

  • The “Suicide Squad” that was formed in the last episode is beyond the wall looking for evidence that will prove to Cersei the existence of the Army of the Dead. Their hope is that she’ll realize how serious the threat is and join forces with the Northern Army and Daenerys’ to defeat the White Walkers.
  • Tyrion’s conversation with Daenerys (and Davos’ with Jon in Eastwatch), seems to point towards a deepening relationship between the Dragon Queen and the King in the North.
  • Littlefinger’s plan (whatever it is), seems to be coming to fruition, Arya and Sansa are pitted against one another. They have a very heated discussion at the beginning and towards the end, the confrontation between these sisters makes it clear that even though they’re family, they do not trust each other and that could have deadly consequences.
  • Cersei calls all lords to King’s Landing, Sansa decides not to leave Winterfell and sends Brienne of Tarth in her name.
  • The expedition to prove the White Walker’s existence gets quite complicated when they’re attacked by a White Walker and some Wights, they get the evidence, but not before some are dead or wounded. However, the Wight does some sort of calling for the Army and the Night King and his army approach to attack Jon and everyone else. Gendry leaves for Eastwatch, to send a raven and alert Daenerys of what’s been happening.
  • Daenerys decides to go and save Jon, leaving Dragonstone with her three dragons. The dragons are protagonists in an amazing rescue mission, that sadly ends with one of them dead when the Night King throws a spear and kills it (and in that moment everyone’s heart shattered).
  • Jon stays to fight the Army of the Dead and urges Daenerys to leave and save the others. He almost doesn’t survive but is saved by Benjen Stark.
  • With their evidence, what’s left of the “Squad” and Daenerys return south and Jon tells her he’s ready to bend the knee.
  • The Army of the Dead recover the dragon’s corpse from the ice and the Night King turns it into one of them.

thumbnail6.jpgThis episode was possibly everything fans have been waiting for, White Walkers vs Dragons. It didn’t disappoint, seeing the dragons in the North fighting the Army of the Dead was spine-tinglin. The VFX were crazy, for the dragons and White Walkers. The confrontation, albeit short, felt as a promise of so much more, that the real battle is js

Regarding the confrontation between Arya and Sansa, it felt as if it was a long way coming. They are not the same and really don’t know each other anymore. We’ve truly have seen them grow and evolve, we’ve seen everything they have been through and know how much both have suffered, but they don’t know that from each other. They meet each other again thinking they’re both the same they were before, but of course, they are not. Sadly this confrontation seems to be pointing at one of them not making it this season.

Cersei’s actions are suspicious and nothing good can come out of it. Considering the evidence of the White Walkers’ existence is being brought to her, one can hope that the conspiracies and scheming could be put to a halt until Westeros can overcome the threat that the Army of the Dead is.

Seeing a dragon die was probably the most heartbreaking thing to see on this show and that’s saying a lot. Sure it’s cool to see dragons on TV every week, but what’s important is what they represent. They are hope. Not only are they Daenerys’ hope of getting the throne, but what’s more important, they are the hope to overcome the White Walkers, to overcome death. So one of them dying is terrifying, because the fight against the true enemy has become so much harder.

It exciting to see the final battle begin. The show proves to have a lot to offer still and fans are more than ready to see what’s coming.

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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