Stan Lee Has Already Filmed 5 Cameos For Upcoming MCU Films 

No matter how big or small of a fan you are of the MCU it is safe to assume that everyone now keeps an eye out for the famous Stan Lee Cameo in MCU films. Whether you love them or hate them and if you do, please see a doctor, we have excellent news that confirms Stan Lee to be in 5 more upcoming MCU films.

In a recent panel with Stan Lee’s personal manager, his manager confirmed that Stan has 5 cameos filmed and ready to be included in 5 upcoming films. Lee’s manager goes on to explain that they have already filmed for Thor, Antman, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity war Part 1 & 2. With these cameos wrapped, it makes fans wonder what is to come in the future cameos. In a video message to Stan Lee, Thor Ragnorok star, Chris Hemsworth went on to state, “”We’re here shooting [Ragnarok]… In which you did a cameo today, which is your best one yet, I think.” Hemsworths statement is a bold one especially due to the fact that there are so many cameos to choose from.

It is amazing to see Stan up and running at the young age of 95, but as time moves forward we can hope these cameos become more and more involved and hopefully in some way eternalize Stan in the MCU. Stan’s Cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 effectively set up an externalization of stand by implying *spoilers* stand is a Watcher, an omnipotent being throughout the Marvel comic canon. While nothing was entirely confirmed about Stans role in the MCU, we can wonder if this is a glimpse of a greater purpose for Stans cameos or possibly a setup for Stan to be a greater being in the MCU and be there regardless if you see him or not. No matter what the cameo consists of and what role it serves, we can be confident we will keep an eye out for the comic legend.


Written by: Raymond Benitez-Toler


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