Andrew Garfield Delivers Inspiring Words At Press Event For New Film

Among geek culture, Andrew Garfield is most recognized for his brief double movie stint in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. These two movies don’t hold a significant amount of weight in comparison to other Spidey flicks, but arguably took one of the most unique stances on Peter Parker’s origin story.

Andrew Garfield has since left that role in very capable “thwip” hands, and moved on to more dramatic and grounded roles. He starred in Mel Gibson’s 2016 war drama Hacksaw Ridge which got him an Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actor, then in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, alongside Adam Driver and Liam Neeson, also released in 2016.

He also starred alongside Nathan Lane in the latest theater production of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, which is coming to Broadway in 2018.

Welcoming him back to the silver screen is this year’s Breathe, the directorial debut of the motion capture legend, Andy Serkis. Garfield takes the role of Robin Cavendish, who at 28 years old, contracted Polio, and was confined to a bed with mere months to live.

Check out the trailer, here.

An uplifting story of the human spirit, Robin, with the support of his family, his wife Diana, and friend and inventor, Teddy Hall (played by Claire Foy and Hugh Bonneville, respectively), dedicates his life to helping other patients and becomes one of the longest living Polio survivors in history.

Breathe premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, and in an interview with Deadline, Garfield had this to say about the story.

“There’s a magic to it. There was a magic to their lives… From my first reading of the script, I was so deeply and profoundly moved because it felt like a story that was so much more than about these two people. It was about how we can create meaning as human beings, how we can create lives of meaning and of joy, and of community amidst such terrible tragedy and loss, and laugh at the cosmic joke of existence.”

“And those words don’t do it justice,” he continues. “Their lives felt like a poem.”

Inspiring messages aren’t usually handed out at press junkets, but these are words worth thinking twice about, and I’m confident that Breathe will definitely be worth a watch.

Breathe is in theaters October 13th, 2017.


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