Dark Night Metal #2 Review And Recap

Yet another great entry in DC’s latest major event. Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights Metal event is shaping up to change the DC Universe forever. Following the Justice League as they hunt down Batman, who escaped with a piece of Nth Metal at the end of the first issue, surprises lurk around every corner.

The art work, drawn and colored by Greg Capullo, is fantastic. The action sequences seem to leap off the page. It seems as if every page is unfolding directly in front of you. So many questions are risen, however, as the new Dark Knights rise from the Dark Multiverse. Honestly, go pick up both this issue and the first issue if you haven’t already. It will most definitely be worth your time to read them.

If you have read both issues already, continue on. If not,

Spoiler Warning for Dark Nights Metal #1 and #2.

After finding Joker stashed away in the Batcave, Green Lantern blows the whistle on Batman’s secret shenanigans. From there, the League gets together and begins helping Batman investigate this strange metal. It is only after meeting Kendra Saunders that Batman realizes he must act.

Stealing a sliver of Kendra’s Nth metal, Batman takes off. He uses the Bat-family to distract the Justice League while he finds the Tomb of Prince Khufu. When Wonder Woman and Superman finally catch up to him, Bruce seems to have a screw loose, as he attempts to wield a baby Darkseid to destroy the gateway. The gateway is meant to let Barbatos, the dark god after Batman since he went back in time, into the regular multiverse. By the end of the issue, it is revealed that the tomb was a trap for the Barbatos’ devout followers, the Strigydae. Laid by the Court of Owls, the trap lets Barbatos out while Batman and his two super-powered friends disappear into the Dark Multiverse.

Some questions are raised though. What is happening to our heroes in the Dark Multiverse? What is so terrifying about the Dark Multiverse that Batman is scared? What is going on with Dream, who was re-introduced at the end of the first issue? And what did the new Dark Knights mean when they said they were all Bruce? Finally, who is Barbatos?

While right now we can only speculate on these questions, it is safe to say that the answers will slowly be revealed to us. With any luck, our heroes are together in the Dark Multiverse, fighting alongside one another. Hopefully Batman is only scared because he doesn’t know anything about the Dark Multiverse, and that is all. But anything capable of shaking the Caped Crusader must be very severe. It is possible, since all the new Dark Knights wear the bat symbol that Bruce Wayne, to those in the Dark Multiverse, is synonymous with the bat symbol. However, it is interesting to note that these Dark Knights are eerily similar to villains of the Justice League.

If I had to hazard a guess, however, I would assume that Barbatos, the dark god, is the ruler of the Dark Multiverse as a whole. And if he was capable of getting these evil Dark Knights to follow him, there must be something seriously deranged with this new character. Unfortunately, we will have to wait another month to hope that our questions get answered. Watch out for new tie-in comics, however, as they might just reveal some new piece to the Dark Multiverse puzzle.

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