Batman #31 Review and Discussion

With the penultimate issue of The War of Riddles and Jokes here, Batman #31 sets up for an amazing ending to an amazing story. The issue starts off funny, and makes its way to a very dark ending, with some comical parts here and there. Once more, the story is sound, and the artwork is fantastic. This issue lacks much action, however, as has almost all of the entire story arc. All that seems to change, however, on the final page. If you haven’t already, go get your copy of Batman #31 so you have your bearings for when things finally come to a head!

Spoilers below for Batman #31!

The Joker’s idea of a joke in the opening pages is far from funny as it soon turns bloody. The first page, however, has a very neat take, as it seems the Joker asks the reader if they will remember him a year from now, but we soon find out he is talking to another. Batman finds out much more about Catwoman, as she is nearly shot off the building when Joker open fires through the glass window.

Although this almost ends badly for Selina Kyle, Batman learns that the glass is not booby trapped and enlists Kite Man’s help to get Riddler’s army into the building. Once there, the villains are forced out of the building thanks to a plan within a plan of Batman and Kite Man’s. Kite Man is then knocked out by Riddler, leaving Batman, Joker and Riddler to duke it out on their own. The final page, however, is where it gets truly interesting.

What does Bruce mean when he says that Selina needs to know, and that she may not want to marry him after she hears about what happened in that building? What could be so bad that Selina would want to break off their engagement? Personally, I have a few ideas, such as Batman killed them both and brought them back, but that doesn’t seem to plausible. If Bruce is beating himself up this badly over what happened that day on the 73rd floor of that building, something extremely serious must have happened.

It looks like audiences will have to wait until the final part of The War of Riddles and Jokes is released.  Until then, hypothesize away about what is so terrible. And make sure you check back with Geek Motivation on Twitter for more comic book reviews!

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