Lex Luthor Reportedly Not Included In Early Cuts Of Justice League

As the year draws closer to November 17th, fans were treated to test screenings of one of this year’s most anticipated movies: Justice League. I may be bitter about not being one of those lucky fans, but the reactions drawn from it are doing nothing to dull my excitement.

Reports of it being “epic” are exactly the kind of words any fan loves to hear. Other reports, though, have disappointed a few of us, including myself. One report in particular is that Jesse Eisenberg’s game changing portrayal of Lex Luthor is NOT included in these test screenings.

I have to stress that these are test screenings, and the theatrical cut could change and include the iconic role. I, for one, am hoping he makes it into the final cut.

After all, Lex Luthor did “ring the bell”, so to speak, and called Steppenwolf, our main villain, to Earth in the first place. If we don’t see our pal Lex, it’s like Steppenwolf came to the party and didn’t even say “what’s up” to the dude who invited him.

Now, I’m not the uncle of an intergalactic warlord, but if you ask me, that just seems like poor manners.

Justice League will hit the big screen on November 17th of this year.

Source: Batman-News.com

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