Gotham: A Dark Knight 4×01 Review (Pax Penguina)

Gotham has returned from it’s summer hiatus. This season features the caption of A Dark Knight an obvious reference to Batman’s nickname.


The episode opens up with Bruce saving a couple from robbery in a vigilante outfit. One of the criminals has a license, that has a check mark next to rob. We see Ras Al Ghul watching Bruce during this scene. A couple is having their wedding which is interrupted by a robbery. Victor Zsasz is there and says that need a license, politely kicking them out while another group of robbers with licenses is there to rob the wedding folks. Penguin is talking to city officials about these licenses and reveals that he helped clean the city up between season 3 and 4. Jim stops a robber with a license and makes vocal his disapproval of the licenses. Meanwhile the group of criminals stopped by Zsasz pay the warden of Arkham Asylum to get Johnathon Crane to help the group use fear gas. They convince him by using scarecrows, which he has a huge fear of, to scare him. Jim and Bullock hunt down the criminals but are taken by surprise and end up freed from them. Selina is training with Tabitha on a group of thugs. Zsasz appears in their apartment to offer them an invite to get licenses. Bruce talks to Jim at the GCPD and mentions how Penguin must have a master list to keep tab on those licenses. He then pulls the classic disappearing act. Oswald is rebuilding the Iceberg Lounge image when Jim comes in there to trick him into making a statement about the criminals. This causes the criminals to decide on an attack on the club that night. Before they leave they lock Johnathon in a room with a scarecrow. Jim gets beat up by some fellow cops yet wins the fight. He and Bullock are waiting for the club to be attacked. Bruce is at the club congratulating and questioning Oswald. He sees Selina who is there with Tabitha to get licenses. Bruce and Selina talk on the roof about he hospital scene where Bruce got angry at her and yelled at her. He apologizes for that. Oswald is making a public statement about the criminals when Bruce questions him on what he’ll do with them. Ivy, tired of being neglected by Oswald, turns off the power allowing them to get free, spray Oswald and be arrested. Oswald sees a scary version of Edward Nygma. Bruce, dressed as a vigilante, takes the master list from the man who had it. He then falls in on an active crime and is surrounded by GCPD. One member of the criminal group returns to the hideout only to be sprayed by Scarecrow.


This premiere may have been the best Gotham premiere yet. It sets up Scarecrow as a major villain this season. It sets up Bruce as a vigilante, Oswald vs Jim and the GCPD, Selina and Tabitha’s training, and Alfred’s role this season. It does what a good premiere should do, introduce us to what the characters are going to be doing.


This was a great episode! Every storyline was done well, especially Bruce’s and Scarecrow’s storylines. Gotham has yet to answer what will become of Butch Gilzean, Edward Nygma, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, but it is only the first episode.

Gotham airs every Thursday at 8 est.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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