Marvel Studios To Release An Official MCU Timeline

When Spider-Man: Homecoming released this summer, fans were confused when they found out the film takes place eight years after the first Avengers film (which was released in 2012). In theory, Homecoming should take place in the year 2020, inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even though the film was released in 2017. This means that many of the Marvel films’ timeline were “altered” (excluding both Guardians of the Galaxy movies), at least that’s what fans think as they’re still figuring out the MCU timeline. Lo and behold, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is here to help!

Screen Rant sat down with Feige, as part of Thor: Ragnarok’s media junket, and asked him to address the timeline issue and how does Spider-Man time jump makes sense. Feige does admit that the confusion behind the MCU timeline took them by surprise, and that they’re working on releasing an official timeline soon. (Read the interview below)

Screen Rant: Spider-Man: Homecoming had some ramifications in the MCU continuity in the form of the ‘eight years later’ moment. This has created debate with fans over what the timeline really is. Everything seemed linear previously You had Iron Man 3 in 2013 Captain America: Civil War in 2016. How is this all working out timeline wise?

Kevin Feige: All of that debate has encouraged us. We are going to be publishing an official, and I’m not sure when, or in what format, an official timeline. It’ll probably be apart of ah, I don’t know, apart of an in print that you can fold out and look at. But suffice to say, only in limited cases do we ever actually say what the actual years are because we never want to be tied down to a particular year and I think people assume that whenever the movie is released is when is when the movie is taking place, and that is not the case.

An official timeline for the MCU is beneficial for fans and Marvel Studios as Thor: Ragnarok is soon to hit theaters in November and there’s no word as to when it takes place. The most common guess is that its “a couple of years” after Avengers: Age of Ultron as the film ends with Thor leaving to Asgard. In the case of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the first movie took place in 2014, and its sequel as well. Spider-Man is known to take place further in the future, after Civil War, but in which year is still up to debate.

Do you have a theory on the MCU’s Timeline? Tells us (@GEEKMOTIVATION) on Twitter!

Written By: Christian Quiles

Source: Screen Rant


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