The Flash 4×02 Review (Mixed Signals)

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 1-4!

The Flash season 4 is underway and off to a rocking start. This season promises to be more fun than previous seasons.


The episode begins with a rich guy buying an apartment. He immediately comes off as a jerk and ends up in the elevator. The elevator starts jerking up and down killing him. Barry is dancing in the morning, making breakfast, and watching his favorite TV shows, including Game of Thrones. Barry is back to work as a CSI and he analyzes the crime scene with Cisco’s help. They discover that the elevator was hacked. Barry’s new suit has a ton of new features that Cisco talks about including a new manual. Barry tells Iris that he cancelled training so that they could go out tonight. Caitlin mentions that she and Ronnie has trouble connected and ended up going to couples therapy. Then, an unauthorized breach occurs in the speed lab. Caitlin almost goes Killer Frost but Cisco reveals that it is just Gypsy ready for their date. The Hacker hacks into a man’s car causing it to go over the speed limit and almost crash. Barry arrives and is ready to save the day but he goes against Iris’ instructions almost causing his death. They decide to go to a hilarious couples therapy session. Joe runs into the guy who is killing people, Kilgore, at the station. He has stolen a grenade. He tries to blow up Joe but he calls Barry who saves Joe and the guy who was in the car. Cisco and Gypsy cancel a date which causes Caitlin to give him advice on how to deal with women. Iris is mad at Barry for going into the speed force and leaving her. Cisco’s discovers a tech group with two of the victims so far from high school. The third victim is a lady. Wally and Joe are tasked with protecting her and are able to save her but not after the second victim is kidnapped. Barry and Wally go to attack Kilgore but Barry’s suit is used against him. He is able to free himself using a lightning throw on himself and lock up Kilgore. Cisco and Gypsy go on their date. Deacon tells Barry that he wasn’t the only one with power. The Warden looks at the guy through the glass suspiciously. We then see Thinker playing the piano. The Mechanic informs him that subject 1 is in prison, just where the Thinker wanted him. Thinker brings up a screen with a camera of Kilgore and 11 other slots that are locked.


This was a very good episode. First off the apartment that the guy was buying is the same set that was Oliver and Felicity’s apartment from Arrow and we see a magazine that reveals one of the things Oliver is currently dealing with in Star City. It was nice seeing Caitlin interact with Iris since their fan bases hate each other. We also saw another Killer Frost hint. We’re starting to get a little bit of Thinker’s plan. He wanted the Flash to be free from the speed force, and for Kilgore to be in Iron Heights. He also has 11 others he needs. Who could those be?

Written by: Neil Sharma

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