Mike Colter Promises Heroes For Hire Arc In Luke Cage Season 2 

The Defenders was a pretty good crossover for the Heroes of New York. One of the things it got perfectly right was the chemistry between Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Danny Rand (Finn Jones). It was one of the best parts of the show. Fans were hoping to see them interact again.

Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at Danny Rand in Luke Cage season 2, a few days ago, confirming his appearance in the show.

Recently, in an interview with Black Film, Mike Colter spoke about their dynamic and confirmed that there will be Heroes for Hire story arc in season 2: 

There are people that love the idea of Heroes for Hire. When people saw The Defenders, they thought the relationship was good between Finn and I and they are curious. They want to see more of that. He will bring some fresh blood in the new season and I’m hoping that people will respond to it well. We are teamed up for a bit. That’s the whole point of bringing that flavor to it. I can see how this works. That’s what good about it. We’re giving people what they want. 

Colter has also confirmed that Jessica Jones won’t be appearing this season as well:

A lot of times people wanted to see Jessica Jones and Luke and what happens to them; but we went out on a limb, and decided to “let’s give a little heroes for hire somewhere in the season and see what happens.” Hopefully people will respond to it.

Are you excited to see Luke Cage and Danny Rand interact again? Let us know.

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Luke Cage season 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

Source: Black Film

One thought on “Mike Colter Promises Heroes For Hire Arc In Luke Cage Season 2 

  1. First, I don’t recall Luke or Danny taking any money for services rendered. Danny certainly doesn’t need it.

    Second, I’m not sure I would call Luke Cage dressing down Danny for his white privilege “chemistry,” but at least Danny took it like a man.


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