Josh Brolin Describes The Depiction Of Thanos As Complex

The hype train for Avengers: Infinity War does not seem to stop and has no signs of it slowing down. With only about a year until the much anticipated movie releases, there has been a constant curiosity regarding the characters and what to expect from them in the upcoming film.

A notable character which fans have been waiting to see is none other than the big bad himself, Thanos. Based on the build up to the character, and multiple interviews, we continue to have high hopes for Josh Brolin’s depiction of the character and what  he will bring to the ultimate villain. In a recent interview with Collider, Josh Brolin discussed the character and what we can expect from him, which then lead to Josh stating:

“I can’t tell you definitively, but how I feel right now and what I’ve spoken to the Russos about and Feige, absolutely. It actually more than pulls it off, and I think what they’re coming up with based on what I’ve done, I think is next level.”

The thought of seeing a next level Thanos is definitely something to look forward to, however, what peaked my interest was when he went on to describe his Thanos depiction as unexpectedly complex. Josh Brolin goes on to explain:

“I think they were very happy where they said, ‘We didn’t really realize that Thanos is going to be as complex as he is,’ and I think they were very appreciative with the stuff that we’re bringing to it.”

We have often seen Thanos commit most of his insane action simply to impress Lady Death which on the surface may seem sort of dumb, but with the right direction, it could lead into deep and complex discussion which is something Marvel has not particularly faced head on. A complex villain is definitely something the MCU could definitely use, which leads to a more enticing villain to watch.

Source: MCU exchange

Written By: Raymond Benitez-Toler

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