Stranger Things S02E05: Dig Dug Recap And Review

This episode is named after the infamous game Dig Dug. Which is a recurring topic in the show. But it is also a play on the discover of the Upside Down Tunnels that Hopper finds thanks to the help of Will in the previous episode.

Warning: Spoilers for episode 5 of Stranger Things season 2 ahead!

unnamed (1)In episode 4, we see that Hopper has discovered one of the tunnels that Will drew. After jumping into the tunnel it begins to reseal itself and release a gas that knocks him out for what can be assumed for a whole night. During this time Will has a vision of Hopper being in trouble and possibly dying. Thanks to a an uninvited visit from Joyce’s boyfriend Bob “The Brain” Newby, they are able to decipher that the tunnels that Will drew are in the shape of their town. From this they are able to roughly estimate where Hopper is, with a little help from Will’s vision from the Shadow Monster.

During this time Lucas is explaining to Max the events that transpired a year before she arrived. After telling her the events that transpired Max sees them as more of story to entertain her, but she begins to question if he is really serious as soon as he “brother” Billy arrives. While this is going on Dustin successfully traps Dart in his cellar and hides his mother’s dead cat. Due to everyone being preoccupied by their own events Dustin is forced to ask Steve for assistance.

Elsewhere, Eleven has decides to track down her long lost mother Terry Ives.. Upon meeting her mother  Terry is only able to say ” Breathe, 3 to the right, 4 to the left, rainbow, 4:50.” Eleven later realizes that Terry is attempting to psychically speak to her. She then attempts to contact her through telepathy. Through this she finds the truth of her origins and the cruelty that her mother endured. Meanwhile, Johnathan and Nancy convince Murray Bauman to help them expose Hawkins Lab for all their wrong doings.

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Written by: Jordyn Moore


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