Stranger Things S02E04: Will The Wise Review

Named after Will’s D&D character Will the Wise, we can tell that this episode is centered around Will and important to the overall plot of the show.

Warning: Spoilers lay this way!

Plot Summary:

At the end of the previous episode, The Pollywog, we see that Will is stuck stuck in an vision of the Upside Down attempting stand his ground against the Shadow Creature. Unfortunately, this takes a bad turn for him as the shadow creature pours a strange substance into him. Once done will awakens to see his mother, Mike. At the same time Hopper and Eleven are having a heated argument about her sneaking out.stranger_things_2_trailer_12Later we see that Dustin secretly takes Dart home with him in fear that Dart will be killed. The next day Will is has a really low temperature and fears that “the water is too hot.” During this time Johnathan and Nancy make plans to meet with Barb’s mother to tell her the truth of her disappearance. But before she can show up, they are kidnaped by Agents and taken to Hawkins Labs. Dr. Owens shows them that they are trying to cotain the portal in their lab and threatens that he will do anything to make sure it stays that way, as a man burns the portal. Once they leave it’s revealed that Nancy has secretly recorded everything Owens has said including the death of Barb.

During this time Will tells Joyce and Hopper that he believes he is seeing what the Shadow Monster is seeing and he begins to draw them. From this Hopper deducts that they are tunnels and leaves to start digging for one.

While Eleven is cleaning the cabin after her argument with Hopper, she finds a small compartment containing files on her mother Terry Ives. She then tries to contact her but fails. Dustin then finds that Dart has broken out and ate his mother’s pet cat. It is also shown that Dart is a baby demigorgon. At the same time Hopper finally discovers the tunnel and that it is in the Upside Down.

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Written by: Jordyn Moore


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