The Gifted S01E05: boXed in – Recap & Review

Running from the law has its complications. Here is our review on The Gifted‘s fifth episode of its first season titled boXed in, which is directed by Jeremiah Chechik (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

In this episode, the escaped fugitives are on the run, but they are not in the clear just yet. Along the way back to Mutant Underground, Lorna Dane and Marcos Diaz take Sentinel Services Agent Jace Turner hostage. Reed Strucker makes an attempt to lure the Feds away from the mutant hiding place.

Meanwhile, Clarice Fong begins to grow suspicious about a memory she has been having with John Proudstar. Caitlin Strucker and her two children, Lauren and Andy, tend to a mutant who was shot in the previous episode.


In boXed in, we delve into Agent Jace Turner’s background as we learn more about his history, especially what he has lost in the past. Whatever transpired on July 15th must have made that date a very serious event.

We also learn about the importance of protecting our children. Lorna and Marcos’s sympathies towards Turner’s situation does not stop them from saving their own child’s future. Reed Strucker does the same for his family while risking being captured by the authority out in the open. (In addition, we learn about redemption through him.)

Andy suggests that his family sticks to their original plan and hide out in Mexico, but this is not a great idea. Just look back at the events that occurred in Logan from earlier this year. Mutants can still be tracked and hunted down past the US American borders.

Sonya/ Dreamer shows us that we should not tamper with the memories of others. While we do not have her ability, we have the means to make people believe one aspect of an event to have happened instead of the true aspect. This is called the Mandela Effect.

Overall, this episode of The Gifted seems to be a good start for what is to come while serving as an introduction to another group of mutant hunters. The episode also showcases some good development in characters, most especially Agent Turner. Hopefully, we are shown more of what went down on July 15th.


Easter Eggs and Trivia Facts:

  • The Hounds – In the previous episode, John Proudstar finds his mutant friend-turn-enemy Pulse to have a tattoo of the Hounds. In this episode, we see this symbol again. This is a reference to the mutant-hunting group from the comics made and dictated by a cyborg named Ahab. They first appeared in the Days of Future Past storyline in Uncanny X-Men #141 (January 1981). Ahab previously made an appearance in Episodes 2 (rX) and 3 (eXodus).
  • Aurora – Lorna Dane/ Polaris and Marcos Diaz/ Eclipse have a conversation about their child. Baby names come up: Aurora and Rory. Aurora could perhaps be a reference to a mutant member of the Canadian superhero group Alpha Flight. She does cross paths with Polaris in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. Aurora also has light generation/ manipulation and light projection abilities like The Gifted character Eclipse.


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Written by: John Tangalin


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