Supergirl 3×05 Review (Damage)

Warning: Spoilers for season 2 of Supergirl.

Supergirl season 2 has at different tone from previous seasons. Kara has been completely different from the lovable alien she was in season 1 and 2.


The episode begins with a truck full of prisoners. Supergirl drops down and a prisoner holds a cop from behind. Alex drops down and she beats up the prisoner. Samantha tells Ruby that she had a migraine. She talks with her friend about homework before he collapses. Morgan Edge is on TV talking about how kids have lead poisoning and how Lena dispersed the lead bomb. Alex and Maggie have an emotional scene where Alex says she’ll always want kids and they break up. Edge is getting his revenge against Lena. He blames her for poisoning kids. Lena is discussing the prospect of stepping down from Cat Co and L-Corp. They chant lock her up at a press conference. A woman tries to shoot Lena at the press conference and hits James. Winn has the device that sent lead out inside a contained area. There is a 10% chance that the device is the cause. Lena is hiding out at Samantha’s place. Alex packs up her things while Maggie watches. They both start dancing and drinking alcohol. Kara has to cheer up Lena who wants her to stop believing him. Kara stays over at Samantha’s house to look for information. The kids live in different parts of the city, they’re scattered. All of the kid’s parents were at Octoberfest in the park where they got food from a truck. That is the connection. Kara and Samantha go to the swimming pool and take a sample of the water. The pool has the same effects as lead poisoning. There is a synthetic chemical that was in the chlorine containers. Lena confronts Morgan Edge about the brand of chlorine. He owns the brand. She accuses him of poisoning the children. Lena pulls a gun on Morgan but she gets knocked out. She’s put in a militaristic jet. The vehicle is autopiloted by one of Morgan Edge’s friends. It’s gonna drop chemicals into the water and Supergirl arrives to stop it. Edge says to crash the plane. Supergirl pushes the plane upward. The engines blow up and the plane is split into two parts, one with Lena and the chemicals. Lena climbs up and grabs Supergirl’s hand. Edge kills the man who helped him pilot the plane. Supergirl confronts Edge who has a complete cover story, blaming the man who helped him. Alex and Maggie say goodbye to each other. Kara, Lena and Samantha have a girl moment together. Kara goes to a bar to see Alex who just broke up with Maggie. She calls J’ohnn to say that she and Alex are taking a quick vacation. They’re going home. There is a hole in Samantha’s shirt and a bullet in her coat. She was hit with the bullet but it didn’t hurt her.


This episode was an important episode for Sanvers. They clearly love each other but cannot get over the difference of wanting children. The writers did a solid job of weaving Maggie out of the story without killing her. This sets up Alex for a story arc. We got more hints at Reign in this episode with the bullet not piercing Samantha. The dream team of Kara, Lena and Samantha worked out well. They’ve been a nice trio this season. They’re fun to watch, effective and caring.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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