Justice League Sequel To Get More Female Heroes?

With Justice League right around the corner, the cast is already looking into the future of a sequel and adding more to the lineup of heroes. They spoke with MTV in an interview on how they would want to have more female superheroes in Justice League 2. When asked who they would choose to add to the team, Ben Affleck started off the selection with Black Canary to add another female to the league. Ray Fisher chose they mystical Zatanna due to her magic to “make crazy stuff happen”. Henry Cavill went with his female counterpart in selecting Supergirl. Ezra Miller went a different route and wanted to see a female Green Lantern join the team.

Currently Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is the only female superhero in the DCEU but Joss Whedon has signed up to do a Batgirl solo film. One would assume that the film will be part of the DCEU but with recent news regarding a standalone Joker film, there could be a chance it not be part of the DCEU. Whedon said in an interview with IGN Live that he expects to work on the movie in 2018.

The cast chose characters that would make sense for a Justice League sequel, but it would great to see the DCEU expand even more with more lesser known female heroes that could join. A lesser known character such as Big Barda, would be a unique addition that could benefit the plot. She is a former personal guard for Darkseid and could be pivotal to the Justice League members going up against Darkseid.

See Justice League this upcoming week, hitting theaters on November 17, 2017!

Written By: Devin Roberts

Source: Screen Rant

Are there any female heroes that you would chose be a great fit for the Justice League sequel? Comment with your choice in the comment section below and be on the look out for more news about Justice League from Geek Motivation! For additional news regarding the film and other related news, make sure to follow Geek Motivation (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and myself (@therealdevin17) on Twitter!

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