Set Photos Give First Look At The Cast Of Glass!

A leak of set photos for the upcoming film Glass, directed by M. Night Shyamalan have surfaced, giving a first look at the main cast of the film. The film is to be the third and final film to the Unbreakable/Split. Shyamalan gave audiences a twist with two films being related during the final scenes of Split.

The photos gives us good look at Elijah Price/Mr. Glass (portrayed by Samuel  L. Jackson) who we have not seen since the ending of Unbreakable, with him claiming to be David Dunn’s (portrayed by Bruce Willis) villain. At end of  Split it is mentioned that Price was charged for his crimes and institutionalized:

Here we see Anya Taylor-Joy returning as Casey Cooke and Bruce Willis reprising his role as David Dunn:

Casey Cooke was last seen being rescued by the police after her escape from “The Beast” at the Philadelphia Zoo. We last saw David Dunn at a diner hearing reports of the events at the Philadelphia Zoo at the end of Split.

Finally we see James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Horde, who has dissociative identity disorder with 23 different personalities:

McAvoy showed a wide range of acting abilities with the different identities portrayed during Split. Last time we saw “The Horde” the identities Patricia, Dennis, and Hedwig spoke of the power The Beast has given them.

The estimated release date for Glass is set for January 18, 2019!

 Written By: Devin Roberts

 Source: SuperBroMovies

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