Recap Of The DCEU

With the culmination of the DCEU coming in Justice League, we look back at DC Comics shared universe and the journey we have been on since Man of Steel.


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Man of Steel

  • Kal-El is naturally born, the first of natural birth in centuries on Krypton
  • Kal’s parents Jor-El and Lara die as they send him away because of Krypton’s collapsing core
  • Kal-El is found on Earth by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raise him as Clark Kent
  • Jor-El visits an adult Kal and reveals the truth of his past and why he is on Earth
  • With some inspiring words from his father, about the journey he is about to go on to discover his purpose, Jor-El sets the narrative for Clark and, in itself, the DCEU
  • General Zod arrives on Earth to seek out Superman, who he believes holds the key to creating a new Krypton on top of Earth
  • Superman, with the help of the government, destroys the World Engine and Zod’s army
  • Zod seeks revenge on Superman by battling him
  • Zod and Superman fight, leveling much of Metropolis in the process
  • During the battle, they fly out to space, flying by a Wayne Enterprises satellite
  • Superman snaps Zod’s neck, terminating the threat once and for all


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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Bruce Wayne is seen in the Battle of Metropolis, losing a Wayne Enterprises building with his employees inside
  • Wayne begins feels resentment towards Superman after witnessing the destruction of Metropolis
  • Lex Luthor plots to pin Batman and Superman against each other to prove that Superman is not the God he is made out to be
  • The world starts to question whether or not there should be a Superman
  • Clark continues his heroism with a growing distrust of Batman because of the violent force and tactics he uses to take down criminals
  • Wonder Woman arrives and becomes entangled with Bruce and Lex, as Lex has information revealing her identity
  • Batman goes through a “Knightmare,” and is introduced in a potential future where Superman rules the Earth, killing those who oppose him
  • The Flash appears, possibly from the Knightmare future, and tells Batman in a panic that “Lois is the key”
  • Bruce prepares for war with a Mech-suit, Kryptonite gas, and a Kryptonite spear, looking to take Superman down
  • Martha Kent is captured by Lex, who demands that Superman kills Batman
  • Batman takes the upper hand against Superman, until Clark urges that he has to “Save Martha,” triggering Bruce Wayne to question his actions
  • The heroes set off to stop Lex Luthor’s plan and save Clark’s mother
  • Lex unleashes Doomsday, bringing the DCEU trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman together to stop him
  • Superman ultimately kills Doomsday with the Kryptonite spear, but is stabbed by Doomsday in the process
  • The world mourns the death of Superman
  • Bruce is inspired to create the Justice League to protect the world of an invasion he sees coming
  • Dirt rises off of Superman’s coffin, teasing his future return


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Suicide Squad

  • Government official Amanda Waller recruits the “worst of the worst” to stop upcoming threats
  • Batman and The Flash have cameos as they capture and defeat some of the Squad
  • The Joker is prominent throughout the film, looking to take back Harley from the Squad
  • The team, led by Rick Flag, look to reduce their prison sentences and also look to make an exit, however the team are under control of a bomb implanted in their neck
  • The team looks to destroy Enchantress, an ancient being wanting to take over the world
  • The Squad stops Enchantress, with their actions being hidden by the government
  • Bruce Wayne collects more information to then create the Justice League and threatens Waller that if she doesn’t shut it down, him and his friends will do it for them


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Wonder Woman

  • Steve Trevor lands on the island of Themyscira to discover a place uninfluenced by man, the spy warns of the “war to end all wars,” and Diana takes it upon herself to stop Ares
  • She discovers the wonders of mankind and what it has to offer, while at the same time learning that bad people do exist and they want to spread their influence of hate across the world
  • Diana believes that Ludendorff is the God of War, and that stopping him is the key to stopping the war
  • Upon experiencing horror on the way, she kills the general and is confused as to why the world still continues its hatred
  • She only realizes the truth when Sir Patrick, a person she considered friend, reveals that he is Ares
  • Steve Trevor dies, saving millions by destroying dangerous war chemicals
  • Diana’s love for Steve Trevor inspires her to not give up hope, and that as long as love has an influence, hate will never win
  • Ares is defeated and Diana doesn’t give up hope on mankind, joining Bruce Wayne to form the Justice League


And there you have it, the entire DCEU (so far)! Justice League will unite Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg on November 17. Follow Geek Motivation on Twitter and Instagram for all future updates on Justice League and the DCEU moving forward.

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