Five Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now

There is so much. At times, the sheer amount of comics to the average reader or someone who doesn’t read a lot can be crazy. To help you out, I have will present a list of 5 Comics you should be reading right now! Also, don’t worry, no spoilers will be distributed on this article!

1. Batman: Rebirth

Written by Tom King

Art done by Joelle Jones

-It’s Batman. You know what you’re going to get. At least that is what you think; until you open the issue. Tom Taylor does a fantastic job of balancing all sides of Bruce’s mental state. He is doing a tremendous job of bringing back the “superhero” feel to Batman. This is Batman in his iconic form. Shanngelgans are going to occur, but they are amazing, and each issue has a sense of importance to it. If you want classic Batman with exciting stories and a genuine heart racing comic, this is right up your alley!

2. Mr. Miracle

Written by Tom King

Art done by Mitch Gerads

-This is quickly becoming my favorite comic in a very long time. This book follows Mr.Miracle and his daily struggles with trying to find a balance in his brain from his days in the cosmic to his regular everyday life. I won’t say what he suffers from in this comic, but it adds an intense and dark tone to the story. This book is comics at it most beautiful. Once again, Tom Taylor find a fantastic balance between action and a meaningful dialogue. You begin to feel for Mr.Miracle everytime he speaks, and you start to become deeply connected to him. The art also has this fantastic,  very distorted like style to it which makes it great to look at. This book is definitely for people who want a dark, yet exciting story.(Very Jack Kirby feel to the book!)

3. Moon Knight: Marvel Legacy

Written by Robbie Thompson

Art done by German Peralta

-With Marvel giving a soft reboot of their current universe, now is the perfect time to pick up any Marvel book under the Legacy banner. My favorite title from it so far is Moon Knight. As of now, the Issue is only at number 1, which makes it a perfect candidate to pick up. Moon Knight has always been a slept on character, but I genuinely think that this comic has the potential to change that status quo. The significant part of Moon Knight is all the problems he has to deal with his personalities (he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder). A Lot of people say that Moon Knight is Marvel’s version of Batman, but this book has an almost “funky” like feel to it. The beautiful part about it is an appeal to anyone. So if you want a mystery thriller or an action book with deep, meaningful scenes, this is right up your alley!

4. The Despicable Deadpool: Marvel Legacy

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art done by Scott Koblish

-Deadpool. The Merc with the mouth is in full color here. In his current comic is incredible. After a hard day of work or studying for an extended period, this would be the comic to sit back and enjoy. It is just pure fun. Author Gerry Duggan is doing a fantastic job of giving Deadpool all the quips and jokes you can think of. I don’t usually actually laugh while reading comics, but this one legit makes me rolling and cry in tears. The stories are so outlandish and out there but somehow still feel grounded that it almost feels to fake. Cable is currently Deadpool’s main adversary, which always makes for a great time. The dynamic that Deadpool has in this book makes him feel like a superhero “satire, ” and that tone works perfectly for this book. If you are looking for something to just sit back and relax to read (while getting a good laugh), this is it.

5. Teen Titans: Rebirth

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art done by Jonboy Meyers

-Teen Titans are the quintessential team-up book. The current cast of heroes for the team includes Damian Wayne, Raven, Starfire, Aqualad, Wally West and Beast Boy. Author Benjamin Percy does a great job of balancing all the characters tones just right. The book is well paced and plays as if it were a movies or such, with high style fights happening from page to page. Each issue plays out like a song, each one connecting to the next in a rhythm that when put all together, creates a fantastic piece of work. Note that this is the only book I have on the list were if you were not reading it beforehand, you would be lost. I would recommend picking up the Lazarus Contract in trade so you can get caught up (Main story revolving around the Teen Titans vs. Deathstroke)

What are some of your recommendations for comics we should be reading right now? Let us know!

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